Many kitchen dealers treat Fabuwood as a cheap alternative to their other “better” brands. As a cabinet wholesaler serving a big trade following, we too sell the product as a budget option. It is easy to provide the product at its most basic level to satisfy a specific low price.

However, the Fabuwood brand has another side to it as a cutting-edge cabinet maker. The factory modifications and improvements that can be applied to the product elevate the cabinetry to another level. A seasoned kitchen designer can satisfy the needs of a fine kitchen renovation while still maintaining a comfortable price point. We have sold countless creative Fabuwood kitchens for use in high-end homes and luxury apartments.

We are excited at what we accomplish on a daily basis with the Fabuwood brand. Our showroom displays reflect the product in this upgraded manner. There is no better value in the market.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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* custom color, requires longer lead time