Gathering in the kitchen


A well-executed kitchen design serves as a family meeting place, a work environment, a fun space, and so much more.

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The Shaker Style Featured Image

The Shaker Style

The Shaker style has been one of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles for years. If you count the variety of Shaker-like door styles then the design is, by far, the most used door design in kitchens today. It has been around for centuries and it doesn’t look to be losing steam anytime soon.

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Fabuwood Luna

GAME CHANGER – introducing Fabuwood Luna

There has never been a slim-frame shaker door style at this price point and this short a lead time. Fabuwood’s new slim-frame shaker cabinets are polished and sleek. A minimalistic and modern adaption of the classic shaker cabinet, the slim-shaker door style brings traditional design into the future.

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Less Is More

Less is More

Why can’t we put cabinets on this wall? This is the question that perplexed me after a two hour design meeting with the buyer of a new custom home. The wall referred to by the homeowner is in the kitchen but it does not require cabinetry. I guess we could have added more cabinets on this wall but to what end? The design already provides more than enough storage and the layout is textbook. I guess he thought that every wall in the kitchen should have storage.

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RAUVISIO wave cabinet surface

Rehau Wave on Long Island

As owner of the Queens, NY-based Atlantis Kitchens, Jimmy Gavalas knows what it takes to create a beautiful, high-functioning kitchen. With 35 years of experience, he understands that the right appliances can elevate the cooking experience to the next level, and that great looking cabinetry can make or break the space.

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Paint Blog

Go Standard!

Paint is still the most popular type of finish for kitchen cabinetry. Whites and grays outweigh all other colors by a lot. Blue and black have gained some momentum in the last couple of years. It’s amazing to me how long the paint trend has lasted and it does not seem to be losing any steam.

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Fabuwood Fusion Doors

Fabuwood Fusion

The Fusion door style by Fabuwood stands out with its wide framing, distinctive detailing and classic profiling. This transitional style provides a touch of traditional splendor with a refreshing twist of contemporary. The five standard colors are fitting for today’s kitchen.

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Best Price and Best Service

Both Matter

The construction industry is all about pricing. Those of us in the kitchen cabinet world are always working up price quotes to present to clients. Our load of bids at Atlantis Kitchens is greater than retail kitchen dealers as we serve a large trade following. Working with contractors, builders, designers and property management companies allows us the opportunity to engage on many projects. Every day brings on a slew of price comparisons being done on our product offering.

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Murphy's Law

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law states that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. The origins of the statement and what it means vary. Stories speak of Edward Murphy, an Air Force engineer. He who worked with gauges on a government project testing the impacts of deceleration from high speeds. His gauges would malfunction and the irritated engineer introduced the adage to the world.

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The Kitchen Cabinet Guy Blog

The Kitchen Cabinet Guy Blog

The Kitchen Cabinet Guy YouTube channel simplifies the profusion of information that makes kitchen cabinet shopping an overwhelming experience. To the buyer, tradesperson or homeowner, many parts of the kitchen cabinet world have become much too complicated. The hope is that our videos help consumers make more educated decisions for the large expense that kitchen cabinetry is today.

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